Lasua SPA invites you to a special SPA experience. You will experience unforgettable moments in the magic of ingenious fingers and feel that your mind and body are renewed.

Traditional Turkish Bath

In the life of Turks, the bath is not only a place for bathing, but a meeting place where social and cultural activities take place. After embracing your loincloth as you enter a time tunnel in the Turkish Bath of Lasua SPA, you will feel that the weight on you is gone, as your pores open.

Indoor Swimming Pool

We have adult and child swimming pools for our guests who want to get rid of the tiredness of the day. *** Adult Pool: 1.5 m depth. *** Children's Pool: It is 0.60 m deep. Our hotel guests benefit from our indoor pool free of charge.

Fitness Center

You can visit our fitness center to revitalize your body, which is immobilized by the city and busy business life, to increase your muscle strength and to do your sports effectively.


Our sauna, which you will visit to get rid of toxins in the body, to speed up blood circulation and to get rid of the exhausting stress of business life, will also provide you with a lively skin.


In Lasua SPA, which offers an unusual relaxation environment, you can take advantage of the wonderful European massage and care services, as well as far east therapies, and have the opportunity to experience the world's most popular SPA therapy and massages with expert therapists.


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